Spider Frame    Spider Frame® Computer Asissted Circular External Fixator

Spider Frame


Spider Frame® computer assisted circular external fixator system is a technology leading deformity correction tool based on The Spiderfix artificial neural network software.  Spider frame, with its patented 6-fast positioning strut hexapod construct, provides high mechanical stability, ease of application and precise deformity correction with copyrighted software.

The unique Spiderfix software permits Surgeons to correct deformities in all geometric planes (Coronal, Sagittal and transverse)  with a combination of compression/distraction, rotation and translation. Spiderfix  is a user friendly software, allowing the user options of computer assisted deformity planning and manual defomity planning.

Advanced materials technology and High quality materials employed in the manufacture of Spider Frame® fixator components, provide lightweight and durable structure.  Those properties offer increased stability for the frame construct.

Modular structure of the Spider Frame® enables hybrid utilization with Tasarimmed Ilizarov and carbon tube system.

Spider Frame® is a trade mark of  Tasarimmed Medical Equipments company, Turkey.